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As 2023 draws close, so does the final date by which the two most famous Dodge models — the Charger and the Challenger — will get discontinued. That is, unless the brand brings them back as electrified versions. But, we’ll have to wait and see how the new chapter starts.


Nonetheless, the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Challenger have made a significant impact and mark on the automotive industry. In the case of the latter, the community was particularly thrilled to have an affordable old-school muscle car to buy year after year since the ’70s. Now, that’s going to end, so if you want to grab the last all-new model of the Challenger straight from the factory, you better hurry.

The only question is, which Challenger to buy, considering there are numerous different trims and packages available — even more so with the Last Call editions? Depending on your driving style and preferences, you may want to go for one or another Dodge Challenger package, but generally speaking, two stand out as top-of-the-line choices: the Scat Pack and the Hellcat.

To help you decide between the two, here, we run a short comparison of the Dodge Challenger Scat Pack and the Hellcat and explain why we would go with the former.

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The Dodge Challenger Scat Pack: Engine, Design, And Price

The Dodge Challenger is all about muscles across all trims, but the Scat Pack package takes things one step further to satisfy those who crave more power on the road. Unlike the base V6 option that puts out 305 ponies, the V8 from the Scat Pack produces an admirable 485 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque. That’s about 100 ponies more than the standard trims and packages. Neat, right?

On top of that, the Dodge Challenger Scat Pack comes with an upgraded suspension and brake system, a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission, 20-inch wheel and tires, and much more. All of this allows the car to zoom between 0 and 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds and provide exceptional fun on the road.

Where the Scat Pack comes close to other models is the interior design. Equipped with enough interior space, comfortable seats, comfort features, and the latest tech, the Scat Pack is not only a performance version but a comfort version too. The only thing it lacks is the driver-assistance tech, but that we expect and are ready to trade for a muscle car focused on performance and the road.

Finally, the Dodge Challenger Scat Pack offers boosted performance and driving thrill at MSRP of $46,940.

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The Dodge Challenger Hellcat: Engine, Design, And Price

Now to the fire-breathing Dodge Challenger Hellcat. To cut a long story short, this is the package you get if you want even better performance than the Scat Pack can offer and, well, to burn tires on the road. With a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 under the hood, the Hellcat can put out a jaw-dropping 797 horsepower and 707 lb-ft of torque at maximum. That allows it to reach 60 mph in as little as 3.4 seconds. How’s that for a modern muscle car?

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat also features some updates on the exterior to differentiate itself from other models and packages, such as a unique front grille and bumper with a double-scooped hood design. There are also massive air intakes to help cool the engine and trendy 20-inch black wheels to improve the looks.

Inside, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat more or less resembles the other trims, especially in terms of features and tech. Although, again, you should not expect to get this high-performing variant with all the bells and whistles we’ve gotten used to lately for improved safety and convenience. After all, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, as the name suggests, focuses solely on efficiently launching you over the road, and it does the job really well at the MSRP of $77,535.

Why We Prefer The Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Instead Of A Hellcat

After reading the above reviews, some may say that the Hellcat should be a logical purchase choice. That’s true, but for performance seekers. At a starting price of more than $70,000 (and that not even for the highest-performing variant!), the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is quite an expensive muscle car.

On the other hand, the Dodge Challenger Scat Pack offers high and exciting performance almost at half the price of the Hellcat. With all the upgrades and niceties it features, this version is a real steal.

Therefore, we would buy the Dodge Challenger Scat Pack instead of the Hellcat for the value it provides for the money. Still, if money is not an issue, and you want to brag with all those ponies, we say go for the Hellcat, by all means.

Sources: Dodge, Stellantis


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